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Fairlawn Studio

3085 W. Market St.
Fairlawn, OH 44333


Here are some specific directions for accessing the direct/no stairs entrance to our Fairlawn studio at 3085 West Market St., Fairlawn 44333:

3085 is between Merz & Baker Streets (Merz is about 2 blocks toward Akron from Summit Mall).

The parking lot is in BACK of the facility.

Use the part of the parking lot that is on the Baker St. side.

Take W. Market to Baker St. (there&S217;s a Wendy&S217;s on the NE corner).

Turn onto Baker St. & take the third driveway on the left.

This lot is lower than the Merz St. side parking lot.

There is a sidewalk from the Baker St. side parking lot that goes between two buildings.

It starts next to the small decline that comes down from the Merz side parking lot to the Baker side parking lot where you have parked.

There&S217;s a sign that says &S220;Westside Music&S221; on the high building to the right as you enter the sidewalk.

This sidewalk takes you directly to the basement entrance of Westside Music Studios.

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