Children With Special Needs

Hello Everybody!  Director David Palomo (aka Teacher David) here.  I was recently contacted (May 2018) by a local speech therapist who has one of our students for a client and she has seen the positive impact Music Together® is having.  She inquired to see if I would consider a class exclusively for children with special needs.

As many of your know, we have welcomed children with special needs in our classes ever since we opened 10 years ago—and we continue to do so.  However, some families may find a smaller more intimate classroom environment to be a better fit.  In order to meet these needs, Music Together now offers Supportive Family Music Classes taught by registered Music Together teachers who also have a background in an allied field (special education, music therapy, occupational therapy speech therapy or counseling).  These classes differ from our regular parent/child class in that they are limited to up to 6 children with special needs and their Music Together age siblings.

* Starting in the summer of 2018 we will begin offering these Supportive Family classes at Hints of Happiness Wellness studio in Cuyahoga Falls.  Their studio is a perfect size for these smaller classes.

* PLEASE NOTE: we will continue to welcome children with special needs into our regular parent/child classes.  We are just adding this option for families who would like a smaller setting with a chance to connect with other parents with children with special needs.

* As you may know, many families with these children face extra financial burdens. 

* After talking it over with many of our families, I am adding a donation option on our website where people will be able to donate to help make half tuition scholarships available to families who have children with special needs. 

* These scholarships will be available to families in both our regular parent-child classes and in our Supportive Family classes. 


Please take a minute to read the story of our scholarship fund here

Or just click here to donate


Thanks for reading!