The Denning Scholarship

From: David Palomo, Director, Music Together Summit

When I started Music Together Summit in 2007, I was coming off a very long period of going back to school to get re-trained as a counselor.  I went to the Music Together® training thinking I was going to pad my counseling resume.  What I saw at the training changed my life--when I saw all those little children having such a positive emotional experience with their parents while having fun making--Music Together--there was no doubt in my mind--I had to bring this to the families in my community.

Having just finished my second degree in counseling, there was, of course, no money in the kitty to start Music Together classes.  A friend of mine named Fred Denning loaned me the money to take the Music Together training and get the instruments and start it up.  I'm happy to say that I was able to re-pay him after the second semester. 

Not so happily, Fred was taken suddenly by a very aggressive cancer during Music Together Summit's third year.  To honor his memory--and to remember all the people who had helped me along the way--I started the Fred Denning Scholarship at Music Together Summit.

The Denning Scholarship is primarily for families who have children with special needs (Fred has a daughter with Down Syndrome)—but we occasionally make these scholarships (typically 40% tuition discount) available to other families in need.

I regard it as something of a miracle that I've been able to make it this far (knock on wood!).  I can never really repay all the people who helped me, so it really means a lot to me to name our scholarship program after Fred and so remember his generous spirit.

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